Conflicts of Interest Disclosure

Please answer all questions on the attached Conflicts of Interest disclosure form to the best of your current knowledge. You are not required to interview members of your family or know all of nVent’s competitors, customers, suppliers and other business partners, before completing this form.

If you have any doubt about whether an affirmative answer is appropriate, you should answer "yes." Many interests and activities covered by these questions would not necessarily be problematic, but all must be disclosed to enable nVent to make the necessary assessment based upon the specific facts and circumstances.

If you do answer “Yes” to any questions, please include the following in your explanation:

  1. A description of the potential conflict with as many details as possible, including the full names of the other involved parties;
  2. If you believe that any factors exist which may alleviate or minimize the potential conflict of interest;
  3. If you have previously disclosed the relationship and to whom.

After the disclosure is submitted, your local human resources representative will review it and contact you if any additional follow up is needed.

To report a possible conflict of interest and download a copy of the Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form- click here.

Submit the completed form to

Data Collection Acknowledgement

By selecting any of the attached forms, you consent to the collection, processing, and transferring of personal data related to this submission within nVent for purposes of review and evaluation. Any personal data you submit will be treated in accordance with applicable Data Protection and Privacy legislation. Storage, management and processing of the data may take place at different locations, including the USA, but the unauthorized transfer outside of nVent is prohibited. You may exercise your rights to access, cancel or rectify your personal data by sending an email to